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Skim cepat kaya ala pak man telo terbesar didunia dianjurkan oleh mr Madoff telah melibatkan bank2 terbesar dunia, ahli koperat dan ternama.Akibat dari ketamakan mereka telah tertipu .Namun begitu saya berasa hairan bagaimana mereka ini mudah tertipu sedangkan mereka merupakan antara pakar kewangan.

Banks hit worldwide by US ‘fraud’
BBC – 16 Dec 2008
Some of the world’s biggest banks have revealed they are victims of an alleged fraud which has lost $50bn (£33bn).

Bernard Madoff, who was arrested on Thursday, has been charged with fraud in what is being described as one of the biggest-ever such cases.
Among the banks that have been hit are Britain’s HSBC and RBS, Spain’s Santander and France’s BNP Paribas.
Other victims include film director Stephen Spielberg’s Wunderkinder Foundation charity.
One of the City’s best-known fund managers has criticised US regulators for not detecting the alleged fraud.
Nicola Horlick, boss of Bramdean investments, told the BBC: “I think now it is very difficult for people to invest in things that are meant to be regulated in America, because they have fallen down on the job.”
“This is the biggest financial scandal, probably in the history of the markets – $50bn is a huge amount of money,” she said.
Counting the cost
Banks and financial institutions across the world had investments with Bernard Madoff, but not all have yet confirmed what their potential losses might be.
Among the potential losers is Spain’s largest bank, Santander, which owns the UK High Street banks Abbey, Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley.
The bank had a direct exposure of 17m euros ($23m; £15m), but clients of its Optimal fund management unit have another 2.3bn euros invested in the firm run by Bernard Madoff
Britain’s HSBC said it had investments of about $1bn, which could be affected.
Royal Bank of Scotland said it could potentially lose about £400m ($601m) if all its investments had to be written off.
The French bank, Natixis, a subsidiary of Caisse d’Epargne and Banque Populaire, said it could potentially lose up to 450m euros (£402m; $605m).
One of the world’s biggest investment groups, Man, said it had invested about $360m through its RMF institutional fund of funds business, representing 0.5% of its total funds.
Banking shares fell around the world, with Royal Bank of Scotland dropping 3.7%, HSBC losing 1.2% and banks making up the top four losers on New York’s Dow Jones Industrial Average.
‘Systemic failure’
Meanwhile, some of the biggest private losers seem to have been members of the Palm Beach country club, where many of Mr Madoff’s wealthy clients were recruited.
According to some reports, the list of prominent victims include a New Jersey Senator, the owners of the New York Mets and the charities run by film director Stephen Spielberg and Nobel Prize winning writer Elie Wiesel.
Mrs Horlick said 9% of Bramdean’s own funds were invested with Mr Madoff, but that even if the money was written off, the fund involved would be down just 4%.
“I just want to make it clear to investors that even after this, they would have done extremely well, relative to anything else they could have invested in,” she said.
In a statement, Bramdean said: “The allegations made appear to point to a systemic failure of the regulatory and securities markets regime in the US.”
However, some argued that the fund managers should themselves have done more.
“City figures cannot call for light touch regulation yet at the same time complain that regulators missed risks that the industry failed to spot,” said Simon Morris, a partner with City law firm CMS Cameron McKenna.
“It’s the unequivocal job of the fund manager to check out the bona fides of whoever they chose to pass their customers’ money onto,” he said.
Antonio Borges, chairman of the Hedge Fund Standards Board, said the scandal highlighted the need for “robust governance practices and oversight via independent boards, which will challenge management procedures and behaviour”.

From Paris to Tokyo, more Madoff victims emerge
Bloomberg (International Herald Tribune) – 16 Dec 2008
MADRID: More banks, from Paris to Tokyo to Madrid, emerged Monday as victims of Bernard Madoff’s alleged Ponzi scheme.

BNP Paribas, the biggest French bank, said Sunday that it has as much as €350 million, or $472 million, at risk from Madoff’s investment advisory business. Nomura Holdings of Japan has ¥27.5 billion, or $302 million, at risk from Madoff’s funds, while Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria of Spain may face up to €300 million in losses.
Madoff, 70, was arrested by federal prosecutors Thursday and charged with operating what he told his sons was a long-running Ponzi scheme in the New York-based firm’s business advising rich people, hedge funds and institutions. He told senior employees that the firm was insolvent and “had been for years,” prosecutors said in the criminal complaint.
“A frothy market encourages slack oversight,” said Peter Hahn, a fellow of finance at London’s Cass Business School. “Whenever something like this happens, everyone who has been hit will comb through their investments.”
The Madoff collapse comes as banks and investment companies are reeling from falling asset prices and sputtering economies after the U.S. subprime mortgage market crash. Financial firms have reported almost $1 trillion of credit losses and writedowns since the start of 2007, data compiled by Bloomberg show.
Madoff, who had advised the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on how to regulate markets, described his investment management operations as “one big lie,” prosecutors said. Investors have disclosed about $24 billion of investments in Madoff’s funds, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
Ira Sorkin, a lawyer at Dickstein Shapiro in New York representing Madoff, did not reply to a phone call and e-mail seeking comment. Sorkin said on Saturday that the situation was “a tragedy.”
BNP Paribas fell as much as 9.8 percent in Paris trading after reporting its Madoff exposure and suffering a setback in its plan to buy the Belgian operations of Fortis. The Brussels Court of Appeals ruled Friday that the sale of Fortis assets must be put to investors for a vote before Feb. 12. The court decision complicates BNP Paribas’s plan to complete the purchase quickly and preserve Fortis’s customer base.
BBVA, the Spanish lender, said it may face losses from the hedging of structured products linked to Madoff. BBVA acted for other financial institutions and investors to set up products linked to third-party funds that had invested in Madoff Investment Securities, the Bilbao, Spain-based lender said in a filing Monday to market regulators in Madrid. BBVA has no direct investments in Madoff.
Banco Santander, a Spanish rival, said Sunday that its hedge fund unit invested €2.33 billion of client funds with Madoff. The bank’s Optimal Investment Services unit placed money with Madoff through its Optimal Strategic U.S. Equity fund, the Spanish lender said.
“It’s not Santander’s own money, and they’re not to blame, but of course it will be taken as something negative,” said Alberto Espelosin, a manager at Ibercaja Gestion.
Santander dropped as much as 4.9 percent in Madrid trading Monday. Santander, based in the Spanish city of the same name, lost 53 percent of its market value this year. BBVA advanced 4 cents, or 0.5 percent, to €8.36.
Royal Bank of Scotland could lose as much as £400 million, or $601 million, on investments linked to Madoff. The bank, 58 percent owned by the government, said it had “exposure” through trading and collateralized lending to funds of hedge funds invested with Madoff.
Natixis, based in Paris, said Monday that it has as much as €450 million of client funds invested with Madoff.
Man Group, Europe’s largest publicly traded hedge-fund company, has about $360 million invested directly or indirectly in funds linked to Madoff. The investments in two Madoff funds represent 0.5 percent of Man’s total assets under management, the London-based company said.
HSBC Holdings, Europe’s largest bank by market value, may have about $1 billion at stake, The Financial Times said, citing people close to the situation. Brendan McNamara, a spokesman for HSBC, declined to comment on the matter.
The list of victims of the alleged scheme may also include the real-estate magnate Mortimer Zuckerman, the foundation of the Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, Senator Frank Lautenberg and a charity of the movie director Steven Spielberg, The Wall Street Journal reported, without saying where it got the information.


Cara nak dapatkan TV plasma 42 inchi dengan hanya RM560-00

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Senarai Terbaru sykt MLM yang dibatalkan lesennya

Ada penambahan dan ada juga yang telah dikeluarkan. Sumber adalah dari KPDNHEP setakat bertarikh 14 nov 2008.


1 WORLDWIDE FRESHWAY SDN BHD 1834 931502 24.01.2008 MLM
2 SMART WAY SDN. BHD. 2109 931704 22.02.2008 MLM
3 IBIOENERGY.COM SDN BHD 1874 931549 29.05.2008 MLM
4 NABINCO NETWORK SDN BHD 2177 931732 16.04.2008 SLM
6 E-EAGLE SDN BHD 1902 931555 30.04.2008 MLM
7 CWW WORLDWIDE SDN BHD 1918 931568 29.05.2008 MLM
8 IMP NETWORK SDN BHD / VROOM CLUB (M) SDN BHD 1801 931486 11.01.2008 MLM
9 BYG WORLDWIDE BERHAD 139 93034 17.09.2008 MLM
11 GMC UTAMA SDN BHD 2184 931486 16.10.2008 MLM
12 MYWISEWAY SDN BHD 2017 931693 19.08.2008 MLM

Syarikat pelaburan yang telah diBatalkan oleh Sec Com.

Asset Brokerage Network (
ABFund (
Al-Arabic Fund (
ABB Fund (
Artemis Wealth Management
Asia Wallet/ASWtrader/Splitindex Inc (
AM Global Management (
API Mutual LLC (
..back to list
Beneficence International (Group) Company Ltd / Beneficence Agency
CSI Garant Funds
Credit Suisse Investment
BHG e-investment (
Bidvask Investment Ltd (
Buy-e-barrel (
Brentwood Trust Company (
Boston Asset Management Pte. Ltd.
..back to list
Cambridge Capital Trading
(, * (Press Release)
Capital Enhancement Club/ CEC
Capital Glory Holdings Ltd

Dongyin Futures Brokerage Company Limited
Data Saham (
Dragon Gold Sdn Bhd / Dr Iain Gray
Duit Wayang
Dana Futures (
Dana Modal (
Debenture Petal Trust
..back to list
eUK Gold ( ( (
E-suisse Fund (
Euro America Index (
E-Barrel (
Evergreen Investment Trust (
..back to list

Fical ( /
FX Capital Consultant (M) Sdn Bhd
FX Capital
FX Consultant
..back to list
GC Group Asset Management
Good Credit Asset Management
Goldmill Wagner Ltd / GWA Worldwide (
Global Assets (
Global Investment Network System (
..back to list
Hibah Funds
Hollinger Newcastle Limited
..back to list
IDFK International Management Inc
IDFK Commercial Management
IPC Shopping Services Sdn Bhd/Empay (
..back to list
Jai Network System Sdn Bhd
..back to list
Lexworth Prestige
..back to list
Maxficient Consultancy Sdn Bhd
Mercury Acquisition Associates (
Montego Finance & Securities Berhad (
My Dinar (
My Share (
MYOE Network (M) Berhad
..back to list
Oregon Invest (
Ocean Balance Ltd
..back to list
Pure Investor / PIPS (,
Prowealth Solutions (
..back to list
Reges Enterprise Sdn Bhd (
Remno Club (
Remisier (
..back to list
Sunshine Empire (
Swiss Mutual Fund (, *(Press Release)
Sweden Fund (
Solid Investment (
Smartcash (
Sime Securities (
Starr-Bradley Associates Inc (
Steinberg Investment Research AG
..back to list
Tian Ping (
..back to list
UeBond (
United Capital Management Inc (
Universe Asset Management Inc / Tony So
UKLI Limited
..back to list
Venturemax International (
..back to list
Win Li Fund (
Whitman Pearce & Partners (
..back to list
Ziyaaudhin NYC Agency Sdn Bhd

Alpha Numeric
A3 Union (
3A Consulting Group Sdn Bhd
..back to list
Last updated: 31 October 2008


Selama beberapa bulan ini aku ditugaskan oleh syarikat tempat aku bekerja untuk keluar untuk bertemu pelanggan-pelanggan yang menghadapi masaalah pembayaran pinjaman . Kebanyakan pelanggan didalam senarai berumur 28 ke 32 tahun.Aku dan rakan-rakan berasa curiga kenapa begitu ramai pelanggan didalam lingkungan ini menghadapi kesulitan atau masaalah kewangan.


Belbagai masaalah yang aku dengar dari Pelanggan-pelanggan tersebut.

·        Ada yang sampai setahun tak kerja.

·        Diberhentikan kerja dan baru mula kerja 2 bulan yang lalu.

·        Banyak hutang lain yang nak diselesaikan

·        Baru kahwin, banyak pakai duit.

·        Isteri ditinggalkan suami

·        Suami ditinggalkan isteri.



Umur masih muda tetapi hanya berserah kepada nasib tanpa mahu berusaha .Banyak pekerjaan masih boleh dilakukan namun begitu disebabkan nak menjaga status, Malu nak meniaga menambahkan pendapatan . Yang sebenarnya perasaan mempunyai perasaan malas yang tebal dan takut untuk gagal.Padahal mereka sedang hidup didalam kegagalan.


Sebenarnya mereka perlu memotivasikan diri mereka untuk menghadapi cabaran hidup.Antara caranya adalah dengan bertanya atau cuba sesuatu yang baharu.Perlu berjumpa dengan mereka-mereka yang berpengalaman.Paling tidak jumpa saya pun ok.Saya sentiasa akan membantu memotivasikan diri.Mereka perlu bangkit dari kegagalan yang sedang mereka hadapi. Siapa yang tidak pernah gagal dalam hidup,malahan kegagalan itulah yang telah mengajar saya menempuhi segala cabaran disamping ianya menjadi sumber inspirasi saya…..Aku tak mahu hidup susah lagi…Kesusahan dimasa lalu menjadi motivasi untuk aku bergerak kehadapan. Siapa yang tahu apa akan terjadi di esok hari. Menunggu datangnya esok hari adalah merupakan satu perubahan didalam hidup yang kita alami tanpa rasa takut. Kenapa kita sanggup untuk menghadapi esok hari yang kita tidak tahu arah tujuannya.Sebenarnya kita sentiasa mengharap agar esok adalah lebih baik dari hari ini tetapi hakikatnya adalah ,apa yang kita telah lakukan hari ini mencerminkan apa yang akan terjadi esok hari.Kita mulakan dengan sentiasa berfikiran positif yang esok hari adalh lebih baik dari hari ini.Insyaallah, kita akan mulakan pagi esok dengan ceria dan secara automatik hari yang kita lalui akan menjadi lebih baik.Maka kita akan boleh berfikir dengan lebih baik dan sudah pasti fikiran yang baik akan boleh menghasilkan sesuatu yang lebih baik….iaitu duit atau pendapatan.


Ada duit semua boleh jadi. Lebih-lebih lagi dalam keaadaan sekarang.

·        Jika nak hidup mewah,

·        Jika nak bercuti ke Destinasi percutian Impian,

·        Jika nak cari duit untuk hari raya

·        Jika nak menyelesaikan hutang-piutang.

·        Jika nak membantu keluarga

·        Nak kaya, nak nampak bergaya

·        Nak mengatasi kesempitan hidup

·        Nak hidup selesa, gembira tanpa pening kepala







Hanya bermodalkan RM225-00 dan ringankan sedikit tulang anda akan menjana pendapatan Maksima RM 14,400-00 yang sudah pasti menceriakan hidup anda.

Mudah semudah ABC


a-Mengeluarkan modal RM 225-00/beli 1 produk

b-memperkenalkan kepada 2 orang sahaja.

c-2 org yang diperkenalkan hanya perlu menjalankan A & B


Senangnya nak hasilkan pendapatan. Senang begini pun ramai yang tak mampu melakukan. Ini adalah peluang yang diluluskan oleh kerajaan untuk meningkatkan taraf hidup.Kenapa perlu malu, malas atau segan jika apa yang kita lakukan boleh menghasilkan pendapatan sehingga RM 14,000.


Pelan yang terbukti menjana pendapatan lumayan.

Produk yang terbukti berkesan dalam 3 saat.

Halangannya hanyalah anda.

Anda yang akan mencorakkan dimana anda berada

Anda pasti berjaya jika peluang ini anda lakukan.

Inilah salah satu pintu rezeki yang anda selalu minta.


·        Jika berminat nak merubah kehidupan.

·        Jika berminat nak tambah pendapatan

·        Jika berminat untuk menaikkan motivasi diri

·        Jika ingin anda dilihat sebagai seorang yang berjaya.

·        Jika ingin memotivasikan diri sendiri dan orang lain.

·        Jika nak cari duit

·        Jika nak buat duit.

·        Saya bukan Along, Saya memang nak tolong.

·       SMS 012-290 5445 untuk hari esok yang lebih ceria

Senarai terkini Sykt MLM yang lesen dibatalkan.

1 Worldwide Freshway Sdn Bhd 1834 931502 24.01.2008 MLM
2 Smart Way Sdn. Bhd. 2109 931704 22.02.2008 MLM
3 Rafa Green Sdn Bhd 1962 931607 06.03.2008 MLM
4 Ibioenergy.Com Sdn Bhd 1874 931549 29.05.2008 MLM
5 Nabinco Network Sdn Bhd 2177 931732 16.04.2008 SLM
6 NSSP (M) Sdn Bhd 538 93391 MLM
7 E-Eagle Sdn Bhd 1902 931555 30.04.2008 MLM
8 CWW Worldwide Sdn Bhd 1918 931568 29.05.2008 MLM
9 Imp Network Sdn Bhd 1801 931486 11.01.2008 MLM
10 RZ Corporation Sdn Bhd 931127 31.07.2008 MLM

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Yang terakhir sekali adalah RZ corp @ lebih dikenali dengan Lembe Berger -yang jual Aroma terapi tu.

Aku pernah bertemu dengan seorang agen Lembe berger.Aku nasihatkan beliau baik jual gelang dari buat lem berger sebab nampak macam ada yang tak kena…Dia berminat tapi tunggu ada duit katanya.Tapi tadi cerita buat duit beribu.Hampagas betul. Cuma perlukan modal RM215 pun tak mampu. Lem berger sampai rm 2,300 boleh keluar tapi lepas tu modal pun tak balik.

Jual gelang lagi senang dan jauh lebih lumayan. Aku yang buat part time pun boleh buat RM 2,000 sebulan.Modal sekali RM215. Tiap-tiap bulan boleh buat RM2,000 .Itu kalau malas macam aku. Kalau rajin boleh buat sampai 5 angka.Tunggu apa lagi.Hubungi saya untuk memulakan langkah kealam Gelang …Dan buat duit. Raya dah dekat

Syarikat MLM yang dibatalkan lesennya tahun 2008 TETAPI masih beroperasi.???

Beikut adalah senarai syarikat MLM yang telah dibatalkan lesennya oleh KPDNHEP.

1 Worldwide Freshway Sdn Bhd 1834 931502 24.01.2008 MLM
2 Smart Way Sdn. Bhd. 2109 931704 22.02.2008 MLM
3 Rafa Green Sdn Bhd 1962 931607 06.03.2008 MLM
4 Ibioenergy.Com Sdn Bhd 1874 931549 29.05.2008 MLM
5 Nabinco Network Sdn Bhd 2177 931732 16.04.2008 SLM
6 NSSP (M) Sdn Bhd 538 93391   MLM
7 E-Eagle Sdn Bhd 1902 931555 30.04.2008 MLM
8 CWW Worldwide Sdn Bhd 1918 931568 29.05.2008 MLM
9 Imp Network Sdn Bhd 1801 931486 11.01.2008 MLM

Diantara syarikat yang telah dibatalkan lesennya adalah Rafa green sdn bhd atau lebih dikenali sebagai E-rafa yang suatu ketika dulu sering kita dengar GEGAR RAFA dan disebabkan selalu bergegar akhirnya runtuh .

Kepada ahli erafa jangan putus asa. Masih ada lagi syarikat MLM yang boleh mendatangkan pendapatan lumayan dan stabil disamping produk yang hebat serta terbukti berkesan.

Jom Jual Gelangggggggggggg bersama saya dan rakan-rakan.

Perkara yang menjadi tanda tanya ialah walaupun lesen sudah ditarik balik,syarikat-syarikat ini masih lagi beroperasi dan laman web syarikat masih aktif.

Sebagai contoh.

IMP Network-Walaupun telah dibatalkan lesenya pada bulan Januari 2008, Syarikat masih aktif hingga ke hari ini.Dan dirasmikan oleh Menteri pada masa itu

IMP Network Systems Sdn Bhd telah dilantik sebagai RAKANIAGA Tekun Nasional pada 12 Feb 2008. Majlis penyampaian watikah tersebut telah disempurnakan oleh YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Khaled bin Nordin – Menteri Pembangunan Usahawan dan Koperasi, di Dewan Merdeka PWTC, Kuala Lumpur.Petikan dari laman web

Hairan bin ajaib. Kita sebagai pengguna menjadi bingung…Apakah KPDNHEP sekadar mengeluarkan notis tetapi tidak ada pemantauan.???


Kerajaan bersunguh-sungguh basmi kemiskinan di luar bandar

PETALING JAYA 14 Julai – Kerajaan akan berusaha bersungguh-sungguh membasmi kemiskinan di luar bandar bagi mengelakkan penghijrahan penduduk luar bandar ke bandar-bandar kata Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdulah Ahmad Badawi.

Beliau berkata, ini kerana kemiskinan di luar bandar secara keseluruhan turut membayangkan kemiskinan di bandar-bandar.

“Dalam jangka masa panjang, kemiskinan di bandar, tidak akan selesai selagi penduduk-penduduk di luar bandar terus berhijrah ke bandar-bandar untuk mendapatkan kehidupan yang selesa.

Beliau berkata demikian dalam ucaptama semasa persidangan kemiskinan di bandar 2 di Sunway resort hotel sini hari ini.

RM1juta:- Sudah 50 tahun memerintah tetapi masyarakat luar bandar masih macam tu juga. kais pagi makan pagi.Kais petang tak sempat sebab hari hujan. Tak makanlah malam tu.

Basmi kemiskinan atau mengayakan mereka dan keluarga mereka???? Semua kearah menjahanamkan masyarakat luar bandar. Pertanian secara estet yang kononnya membantu masyarakat luar bandar hanya gimik untuk felcra mengaut keuntungan. Orang kampung hanya dapat RM50 sebulan walaupun felcra mampu menjana pendapatan berjuta ringgit….RM50 sebulan nak makan apa?????

Banyak lagi penindasan yang berlaku tanpa disedari oleh rakyat malaysia yang lain….sedarlah …..50 tahun adalah satu jangka masa yang lama….Kenapa masih ditakuk lama?????Siapa yang sebatutnya berubah…????masyarakat luar bandar atau mereka yang memerintah untuk membelit masyarakat luar bandar…..